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Lesson 7: Deep Roots are Needed

In September, we taught a lesson in Kids Worship on Deep Roots. Trees whose roots run deep can withstand the highest winds and toughest storms. In life, the truth of God’s word must be the roots that run deep into our hearts, souls, and minds. When we know that we know that we know.. God… Continue reading Lesson 7: Deep Roots are Needed

Women & Family

Lesson 6: Music Helps

As I journeyed through the crazy summer of 2017 (moving, graduations, babies, weddings, work, speaking) I discovered one thing that kept my eyes on Jesus. Music! If you haven’t listened to the lyrics of “I Have this Hope” please do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBg9jHQtE44 When you are struggling, crank up the tunes that remind you of God’s love… Continue reading Lesson 6: Music Helps