Dear God… Matthew 1

Dear God, as I read Matthew 1, your perfect plan is so clear!! jesus-christs-genealogy

He intended to send his son Jesus to save me from my sin and death, to give me eternal life, to put me in a right relationship with him. He is a good father. I can’t imagine God in heaven, knowing the plan, and watching the fulfillment take place. Like watching an experiment, you know something is about to happen. You sit on edge waiting. With each individual failure, family squabble, selfish motive, sinful action, God watched as slowly his plan was unveiled and generation after generation made way for the savior of the world, his son Jesus.

Not only was God gracious enough to send his son to save the world but he told us his plan. He let the prophets know, my son is coming. Your hope is on the way. I wonder, God, if you just couldn’t keep the secret. Did you want us to know that you hadn’t abandoned us and through it all, you were making a way? You gave us glimpses of your love and grace coming on that one special night. Born in a manger, humbly entering the world with the greatest gift of all – your grace, your love, salvation to the world!

God, as I look at this lineage my heart is so amazed by you! Your plan and attention to each detail, each family, each heart, each leader, each person. Your plan was carried out in spite of their ways. God you are faithful. God you are good! God you are the giver of GRACE!!

Thank you God!! Thank you for sending your son Jesus!! Thank you, Jesus for dying on the cross to save me!!

Jesus, YOU are the reason we celebrate Christmas!!

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