Statement 3 Dropping Bombs


Have you ever felt like a bomb was dropped in your life? Unexpected circumstance.  Exposed addiction or habit.  Unfaithfulness.  Truth unveiled. It hit your heart, your family, your normal simple life out of nowhere and shattered your world.

What do you do? Reflect on this statement made by my friend.

Sometimes God drops bombs in our lives to clear the path so we can see better.

God knows the plans he has for us. When the world, Satan, or our flesh obscure God’s purposes, bombs can get our attention & turn our heart back to him. Sometimes the painful missile can remind us of his love or grace. After the blast subsides, we can see once again God’s wisdom and purpose in our life. The path becomes clear.

It’s easy to hate the bombs or blame God for destruction. Instead, turn to him, embrace the explosion, and find his way.

Sometimes it takes a painful experience for us to change our ways. Proverbs 20:21


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