Statement 1 See the Goodness

photo-1471310722956-19e564757459Have you ever gone into a conversation thinking, “I have no idea what I will say to this person?” My friend has been through so much. Family. Health. Finances. Her world was totally turned upside down and by all outside observers, devastated.

As she shared how God brought her through the whirlwind, she made 3 statements that spoke directly to my heart.

There is part of me that will probably always be sad, but I can’t help but see the goodness of God. 

What she said is so true! Sometimes life does not turn out like we expect or we make a poor choice. Because of those experiences, life is painful. It’s sad and whether we want to or not, we will probably always be a little sad. We may cry at random times or sit in silence with a few regrets. That’s normal BUT…

If we look around us, through the tears or regret,

we can’t help but see the goodness of God.

I remember when we sold our house. We were down to our last few dollars. We moved into our little rent house and I sat on our small back porch behind Denny’s and cried. I cried for almost two few hours thinking, “What just happened?” Our whole world flipped upside down.

I walked back into the house. A thought hit me out of nowhere.  “We have no debt.” We are completely out of debt. Our whole married lives that was one of our dreams.  In the midst of the bottom falling out of the life we created for 16 years at our old house – we became debt free!

With crusty dried up tears on my cheeks, I began to dance! I saw it -the goodness – it was there! Why? Because He is there. God is always with us and God is good. There may be part of you that feels sad. Look up, God’s goodness is there for you.

The Lord is good to everyone. He showers compassion on all his creation.
All of your works will thank you, Lordand your faithful followers will praise you. Psalm 145:9-10 NLT


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