Dear Friend


Do you have a friend, a child, or someone you love that you wish you could help? The one making wrong choices, walking a dangerous path, or living on the brink of destruction. You see it clearly but nothing you say or do can convince him or her to think differently.

If I could write to my friend, this is where I’d start…

Dear Friend,

I love you. I always have and always will. Nothing you say or do can remove the love I have for you.

I wish you could see things from my perspective. Your life was meant to live abundantly in freedom, joy, full of hope and purpose.

downloadI’ve watched the choices you make, the people you love, the friends you follow, the influences you accept, and the life you live. It’s killing you. One decision, one friendship, one infatuation, one temptation at a time.

I wish I could open your eyes to see what I see – gently take you by the hand, lift the veil and reveal beautiful you. The gifts inside of you. The personality you possess. The strengths that set you apart. The talents that make you unique. The future at your fingertips. The possibilities, the many, many possibilities.

If I could physically fight for you I would. I actually do in my mind. I go to war against  every temptation, influence, relationship, addiction, and deceitful lie that hinders, destroys, steals, and kills the life you were meant to live. But then reality hits and I know I can’t physically fight for you because you won’t let me. Each time I try, you defend what you hold dear. My battle is wasted. It’s you who has to fight, actually surrender.

Would you please surrender? Give up. Quit. Let it go. Walk away. And never ever ever ever look back.

Turn your eyes up. Look ahead. See what can be.  Find the wise way. Listen to the truth. Experience a peaceful life. It’s not easy. You know that. That’s why you give up each time you try it.

But I promise… if you would,  forever deny the deceit, and take up the cross of Jesus, which is his never failing, never ending love for you, and follow him, you won’t regret it.

Please don’t tell me, my dear friend, that you’ve tried Jesus and he doesn’t work. Let’s walk the path together. Even if it’s just for a little while until you see how he’s with you, his Spirit leads you, and he fights for you and provides for you. Watch him open doors. Learn to wait for him and trust him. You have to do your part of course but that’s the most fun! And when you allow him to be the Lord of your life, your everything, your joy, your peace, your hope, your purpose, he will never fail you. When the hard times come, he is with you. When temptation strikes, he strengthens you. When you can’t find the way, he is your way.

Dear friend, I could go on and on and on about the love and grace of Jesus Christ. This is what I know. Only he can change your life. Will you please let him? (pretty please?)

Meanwhile… I’m right here for you. I think of you. I love you. I pray for you.  I dream for you. I trust in God, who loves you more than I ever could.

And in the mean time…. I wait and I wonder.

Until that glorious day,

Your friend



2 thoughts on “Dear Friend

  1. What beautiful words, Stephanie! Thank you for sending this just when you did! I have a friend who needs to see this.

    Anne Neyland ________________________________


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