back at it

I quit blogging last year because I started thinking, “Why am I doing this? Who really cares?” I realized the most important thing as I thought through the question…

I Care! (sounds selfish I know but let me explain…)

This blog is a record for my kids and grandkids. They can see how life really is in 2019 imagesand discover concerns, priorities, and dreams of the generations before them.  Hopefully, they’ll learn from our mistakes and embrace the one who gives us life.

I love writing! Whether anyone reads it or not, I enjoy  writing and reading it. One of my flaws or maybe blessings is that I laugh a lot at what I think and say. My hubby usually thinks I’m a little off my rocker and my kids find it somewhat annoying, but I really enjoy what goes on in this brain God has given me. It keeps me smiling and laughing!

I’m getting old. Forgetfulness comes with age. I want to remember the blessings and lessons learned in my life, so I gotta put it in print.  I have dozens of journals from years past recording what I have forgotten. As a granny moving into technology, it’s out with the journals and in with the blog.

So I’m back at it… for you Ricky, Nicole, Tori, MC, (no eye rolling kids) and the cutest kid on the planet… Brody Man! and for me!

Join me in 2019 and do what you love! God gave you desires, dreams, and gifts to use! Who cares what anyone else thinks? What you might find is that the joy it brings to you will probably bubble over into others around you. So… welcome 2019 with what you love and get back it. Happy 2019!

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