Tech Wise Family

Love this book! Favorite takeaways…Unknown

Imagine your home is a mess. You need to put everything back in it’s proper place. What do you do?

Same concept with technology. The book suggests we “put technology in it’s proper place.” Technology is a GREAT thing, when it is put in it’s proper place. We must remember, we control technology. Technology doesn’t control us.

How do we put technology where it goes?

Determine Tech Free Times – Determine times in your life or home where technology will be off – bedtime, mealtime, morning time.

Imagine spending 1 hour each day tech free? 1 hour each week? 1 week each year? How would your life be different?

Designate Tech Free Zones – Designate the areas in your home where technology is not allowed – kitchen table, backyard (so people can play or think without distractions), bedroom, car.

Offer Tech Free Options – Read a book. Cook together. Go for walks. Play board games. Sit outside. Work a family puzzle Wash the car. Play at the park.

Give Full Access for Everyone– Any person in the family has full access to all technology at anytime. This prevents hidden dangerous & addictive activity.

Put Technology to Bed Before you Go to Bed & Wake up Before you Use it – Put your phone up to charge and turn off tech at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Give yourself time to wake up, pray, think and stretch before dialing in to technology.

Remember, when you get a new idea, adapt it to your environment. Try it and tweak it. When it fails, try again or a new way. The key is to keep trying!

Can’t wait for the parenting class on Family & Technology, Champion Forest Baptist Church at 11am, Sunday April 29 in the Lodge! It’s for parents of children birth – high school!

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