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All You Need is Your Weight


If you are following this week, I hope you are practicing our 2018 healthy ideas. Have you..

Got the A word? If not, discontinue reading.  Text, call, snapchat a friend and say, “You’re my A friend!”

Filled your head? Have you read one thing today about being healthy?

I used to think I had to have all this equipment or a gym membership to be healthy. What I learned is that my body and my weight is all I need. Crank up your favorite tunes at home and do situps, pushups, wall sits, burpees, jumping jacks. Walk around your neighborhood. Climb your stairs. Dance in your kitchen! If you are embarrassed to go to the gym or don’t have time, use your accountability partner and your weight to work yourself out!

Notice I said, “Use your accountability partner.”  Even though working out at home saves time and money, and it is only great IF YOU DO IT! How do you make sure you will use your weight? It’s the same way we plan to spend time with Jesus! We have to T-P-P-P.

T time. Set 3 (minimum) specific hours/30 mins to workout each week.

P place. Choose the place you will workout.

P plan. Create a plan. Use an app, google home workouts, or e-mail us and we can send you some ideas.

P person. Have an accountability partner. Take this person seriously. Send them your T-P-P. Ask them to check up on you or come over and join the fun. You can even facetime and do it together!

Enjoy your weight and when people ask, “How’s your weight?”

You say, “Great! I use it to loose it all the time!”


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