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Eat Healthy? Start with your head

If you are looking to eat healthy, you gotta put it in your head. The first time I started trying to eat healthy, I googled it. The next thing you know a gazillion articles popped up with simple steps on eating better. Try it right now.

I literally just did it again. First article I clicked on. Top 4 suggestions.



It’s about quantity not calories

Prep and store.

Don’t eat boring foods.

Eat a big lunch if you don’t like breakfast.


This is what I’ve learned. If everyday I will take 2-5 minutes and read how to eat healthy, it helps me move in that direction. I realized I can’t do it all but I can start with one suggestion. For example, I am NOT about to start prepping and storing food but I can cut back on quantities and remember to let dinner be my smallest meal. Those simple tips stored in my head will keep me thinking about how to keep the old bod healthy!

Remember these?

  • As a man thinks so is he.
  • What you think about you bring about.

If you are looking to be healthy in 2018, fill your head with healthy thoughts!


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