Encourage Me! I need it

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21a

Saturday morning lying in bed my phone buzzed – a text from our son who was doing the same thing in his college dorm. As we chatted I realized, “I need to charge my new headphones.”  Over the holidays, Michael set up the earphones up for me. I texted what I was doing. In the midst of a very seemingly meaningless text, I had an AHHHH-HAAA moment. See if you catch it.


  1. I thought I put the charger in our messy key drawer.  How did MC respond? No negative comment about my organization or memory loss. “I’m sure it’s in there.”
  2. When I couldn’t figure out how to charge it, what was his comment? You got this!

Those 2 simple statements literally empowered me to make it happen. Michael knew that charger was in there and he believed I could do it. Guess what? In a matter of 5 mins, earphones were being charged. How? Encouragement! Positive responses!

Michael taught me I need encouragement. I bet people all around us do! I want to use my words to empower people to do what they think they can’t! Will you join me?

Let’s do it! Encourage someone today! You got this!! I’m sure it’s in there!!


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