Women & Family

Lesson 4: Finally It’s a Good Thing

During the summer, we began the hurried steps of making wedding arrangements. To help with finances, I spoke at as many conferences as I could. Still not telling anyone but my best friend, a few people, and family, I was traveling all over the state teaching women. I never once mentioned it. I was wrestling with the idea of this beautiful baby entering the world and how to handle the world’s viewpoint of his entry, if that makes sense. I wasn’t at peace with what was happening. I hadn’t been able to celebrate and get excited! I felt guilty. This sweet baby deserved the very best but yet I couldn’t get myself there. It was so weird. My mind was constantly wrestling with these thoughts.

I was in Oklahoma speaking to about 300 women teaching on the story of baby Moses. As I spoke these words came from my mouth, “God had a plan for this precious baby boy. It was not under the best circumstances that he was born but that didn’t matter. God was in control. God had big plans for this infant and nothing was going to stop God’s will.” As the words poured from my lips, my heart melted.  I was talking to myself. What was true for Moses was true for my grand baby. Standing on the stage, God changed me. It was like someone opened the door of my heart and gently poured peace, hope, and understanding. I walked off that new stage and all I could think was, “I’m bout to be a granny!! Woo-hoooo!!! It was the beginning of a sweet love that I’ve never known – loving your grandchild and the joy awaiting his birth!

What I love about how God works is nobody in that room knew what was happening to me. Only God! That’s what happens to all of us if we allow him. When we least expect it, God will meet our needs. Sometimes through scriptures, a song, a sermon, a friend, your own mouth. When times are hard and you don’t understand, stay so close to him that when he speaks and moves, you are forever changed!

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