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Question 9 You May Not Want to Know

A-little-girl-telling-her-mother-a-secret-Version-2-860x380Have you ever asked a question and you didn’t really want to know the answer? I’ll never forget asking one of our kids about a time it appeared we were being lied to. I courageously asked the question. Are you lying to us? I then inquired if what we believed was really true. Deep inside I knew the answer. Lying was in the air. I sensed it. Prayed God would take care of it. Eventually I had to confront it. Yuck! The answer I did not want to hear spewed from the lips of the child I love so dearly.

Today, you are going to ask your child a hard question. Prepare in case you don’t like the answer. Remember, it is better to know the truth. The truth always brings freedom. When a thing hidden is brought to light, healing and help begins. No matter how your child responds, listen, accept, and love. No judgement or harsh words after the answer. There is plenty of time for that later. Ask and receive. Listen and love.

Question 9   Is there any secret you are keeping from me because you are afraid I might love you less?

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