Women & Family

Question 8 The Show and Tell

Growing up in the 80s there were hundreds of songs teaching us how to love. If we loved someone Stevie Wonder told us to call and say “I love you.” Captain and Tennille told us that love would keep us together. We couldn’t hurry love, no we just had to wait because love didn’t come easy. It was a game of give and take. According to Air Supply we were all out of love and Joan Jett told us our best bet was to love rock n roll. Poor Tina Turner could not figure out what love had to do with anything¬† but we finally figured out the greatest love of all. It was easy to achieve. It was learning to love ourselves. It was inside of us. Thank you Whitney.

What does your child know about love? Are you teaching your child how to love or is Bruno Mars, Demi Lavato, or Luke Bryan? Today is your chance to discover how your child feels about your love relationship. Listen with an open heart as you learn how to show and tell your child what love really is.

Question 8 How could I best express to you how much I love you and how honored I am to be your parent?



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