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Question 5 I Love to Embarrass My Kids

I have to confess there is nothing I enjoy more than embarrassing my kids. If you have teenagers, you can relate to the joy it gives my heart. Probably because of the hundreds of times our children have embarrassed us. Laying on the floor screaming  in public. Throwing food across restaurants. Saying inappropriate words in large groups of adults. The list is endless.

Due to unforgettable moments like these, I feel it is my duty to every now and then, start singing out loud in public places with my children. Or at a random moment in front of their friends act like I might be crazy. Even bust out my best 80s dance moves in the middle of the store. For some reason my heart leaps with delight when they say, “MOM stop!” I really want to say, “Why?” You didn’t stop screaming “I want candy,” as I was dragging you out of Wal-mart. You didn’t stop hitting your sister in the middle of church.

Embarrassing moments, as fun as they can be sometimes, can also be hurtful. We must be careful with our children. We need to know when to speak and when to be silent. When to be silly and when to be serious. As you ask your child question four, be willing to recognize and give up the embarrassing, annoying habit or action that might hinder your relationship.

Question 5

Is there something that I do that annoys you or embarrasses you? download-2


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