Women & Family

Question 3 Getting Personal

How’s it going? Are you asking questions? Learning new things about your child or spouse?

One of the greatest enemies of intimacy with our family is busyness. The world tells us our children need to dance, play baseball, b664a895b60d1630f7626e3e6bac5ed36--happy-mom-happy-familye artists, make perfect grades, and more. Parents feel the need to work longer hours and provide more. The pressure drives us to register children for more activities than time allows. We forfeit our precious family time for long hours on the clock. Who looses? Our children. Our families.

As you discuss this question, think about activities your family needs to live without and simple ways to spend time together.

Question 3 

Is there something you would enjoy doing with me? What would keep us from doing it? 


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