Best Trick Ever for Remembering


Do you want the best memory trick ever? I must be honest, I was super pumped about my memory progress today until a bizarre incident occurred. I caught myself  staring aimlessly in the middle of our bedroom saying to myself, “Where is my ‘Ageless Memory’ book? I know I put it somewhere! For the life of me, I can’t remember where!”

Not to be discouraged by such a minor setback (considering I had already read the first 4 chapters), I plowed ahead. After searching for 30 minutes, the priceless book was found and tonight I discovered the best memory trick ever!

Before unveiling the trick, ponder these ideas from the book.

  1. You don’t forget most of your thoughts. You simply were not present minded when an action occurred.
  2. “Information must register in your mind in the first place in order to be remembered or forgotten.”
  3. Force yourself to be present in ordinary, mundane actions.
  4. Your thoughts are fleeting. You must capture them. (2 Cor. 10:5)
  5. You need devices to capture your thoughts – memory techniques.
  6. Connecting what you want to remember with what you already know is key.
  7. The connection must be silly, absurd, larger than life, ridiculous.
  8. Picture the silly connection in your head to remember!!

For example, you need to remember a list of 5 things – a flower, pillow, bat, dog, q-tip. Imagine a giant orange and black striped sunflower like Jack in the Beanstalk, having a pillow fight with a pink polk-a-dot pillow, against a teeny, tiny bat, when a huge purple dog, like Clifford, jumps on the the pillow and pulls out a gazillion q-tips. When you imagine the extraordinary, your memory saves the ordinary.

Try remembering the following list – jaquar, paperclip, computer, apple, ocean, hair, blanket. How’d you do? Make up your own list and practice. Ask friends and relatives to challenge you with a list. Continue practicing until the images flood your brain easily and your memory takes on a whole new life.



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