Somebody Needs You NOW

maxresdefaultI listened to a sermon by Andy Stanley called, Empty Your Cup. You have to listen. Why? Because somebody needs you! Yes! YOU!! Somebody needs YOU! I know what you are thinking. Me? I’m not that smart. I’m so disorganized. I don’t have my life together. 2 questions, “Do you have Jesus? Do you have life experience?”  If you said yes to either, then somebody needs YOU!

I have a dear friend I met one year ago. The first six months of our friendship were completely awkward. She didn’t really talk much. In the middle of a phone conversation, she would hang up. She always asked, “Why are you talking to me?”

I repeatedly said (even though I wanted to shout in her face), “Because Jesus brought you into my life. I see so much potential in you. I am NOT gonna quit.” After listening to Andy tonight, I realized I was emptying my cup into her life.

Last Saturday she called and talked. Like really talked. Talked about her dreams, her thoughts, her future, her life. With every word, phrase, idea she shared, tears rolled down my cheeks. How did this happen? I wanted to ask her, “Why are you talking to me?” Instead I listened and let the tears roll. When she finished she said, “I can’t believe I’m talking to you like this.” Honestly, I couldn’t either.

Somebody in your world needs you. Look around. Notice people. Ask God to show you the one. Or maybe it is a group. Pray. Start a conversation and then empty all you have into their hearts and minds. It may take a year or a day, but don’t quit. Somebody needs YOU now! Give them what they need.



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