My Hubby Did It, You Can Too

referee-measuring-for-a-first-down-during-a-pee-wee-football-game,1940937Last night at bedtime I asked my husband, “Was your day well spent or wasted?” With enthusiasm, he immediately replied, “Well spent!” I was taken back. “Really? How was it well spent?” “I invested in my community,” he declared.

Wow! What had my hubby been doing all day that I didn’t know about? Had he solved the Harvey relief needs? Did he get to the bottom of the traffic madness in Houston, Texas?

“How did you invest in our community?” I could hardly wait to hear his response. “I encouraged and built up all the guys on the football teams I reffed tonight.”

That wasn’t the answer I was expecting but it was so true. In one simple act of encouragement through the power of words, my husband made a huge deposit in our community.

What if each one of us invested in our community today? It’s simple. Encourage and build up each person God puts in your path. It doesn’t have to be a huge deposit. A simple smile, thank you, held door, or kind word. Take someone to lunch, say, “I love you,” listen to a friend.  You never know whom you are showing kindness to. It might be the next president, a future family member, or someone who contemplated death. Never underestimate the power of one act of kindness, one act of generosity, one investment in your community.

Spend your day well today! Change your community. Make a simple investment. Tonight before bed, be ready to text or tell someone, “Today was well spent. I invested in my world.”

“Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone – especially those in the family of faith.” Galatians 6:10





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