Great Day Challenge


Are you ready for a great day? Or are you having a great day? Maybe the real question is…what makes a day great? If you win the lottery or get to take a nap? Have you ever thought about what makes a day great in each person’s eyes?

Think about this, if you knew exactly how many days you had left, would you make every day great?

There was a cute little old man who heard a local reporter say the average life span of a male is 78 years. The poor old gentleman was startled. He was 66 years old. He recognized that his days were fleeting. He methodically counted the number of days projected he would live until he reached 78. For each remaining day he took a small pebble and placed it in a jar. The clear container sat next to his bed. Each night before closing his eyes, he took one rock from the jar and placed it in one of two containers labeled, “Wasted” or “Well Spent.”

Want to try it? When we count our days, they seem to matter more. We might be tempted to make them greater than ever. We do not know how many days God has given us. Each day is a gift. Tomorrow could be your last  or you could have 80 more years to live. You do not know how many, but you can decide what you will do with each day. Well spent or wasted?

Challenge – Make 3 jars. Place 30 pebbles in one jar. For one month, number your great days. Before you close your eyes each night, determine ”well spent’ or “wasted.” Tell someone you love why.

Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12


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