Wasted Time…to my monkey

saladI’m literally on the phone with a friend discussing wasted lives. He was struggling with depression wondering if he’d wasted his life…when I wasted my entire salad! Yes! Wasted!

Have you been to Salata? The salad buffet with the slogan, “Eat good. Look good. Feel good.” What they don’t mention is that you can literally put everything in your salad except brownies and ice cream. Anything else known to man, throw it in there for just $2 more.

Rick and I got the large salad bowl for ONLY $1 more and of course I filled it to the brim – shrimp, artichokes, clams, you name it, it was in the bowl. After eating for what felt like 4 hours, I had barely skimmed the surface of the really delicious meal. I scooped the rest of my salad, which would have fed 1/2 of America, into a “to go” container and we headed home.

I opened the refrigerator as I was texting my friend about wasting lives, when I very gracefully dropped the entire salad on the floor. YES!! The one salad that could have fed every homeless person in America for a week flung all over the inside of the refrigerator, the fridge grill, and the kitchen floor. I stood there stunned. All I could think was ….WASTED! My whole entire salad…. WASTED! The food that could have helped hundreds (okay maybe 2) hungry people…WASTED!

It took me 45 minutes to clean up my wasted mess. I had to take off the grill. Clean it. Take out the fridge drawers and shelves. Wipe the entire food cooling contraption. Clean the kitchen floor.  I spent valuable time cleaning up my WASTED mess.

As I looked back at my text, my heart jumped. WASTED. That’s what happens when we waste time, talent, money, our lives. All the good that could be used to make a difference is strewn needlessly into places where it can’t be used. If we decide to change, we spend countless hours cleaning up the messes we’ve gotten ourselves into. What do we do?

2 choices.

  1. Keep wasting.
  2. Start changing.

I could have left the mess all over the floor. We could have lived in stinky salad and dirty, rotten meat. Or I could clean it up. Get rid of it. Cut my losses and find another way to feed myself.

If you feel like you are wasting your life, start changing. Write down who you want to be in 3 months. List steps to get there. Because you may have wasted so much time, it may take you a LONNNNGGG time to get the mess cleaned up. It will take a lot of hard work. Give it to God, ask for his help, obey him, and work hard, He will take your wasted salad and turn it into a lovely steak dinner.

The trick to turning wasted years into a meaningful life is determination. When the pain of a wasted life is finally greater than the hard work it will take to change, a person can begin to move. You must detox from the world. Turn off all social media, every negative influence, and fill your mind, heart and soul with Jesus and the word of God. Do not let one person, voice, song, movie, or temptation turn your eyes from your new life. Make a plan and work it like your life depends on it. Read the plan hourly. Say it out loud. Let nothing deter you from your life of impact. Lastly, tell a trusted, wise friend what you are doing. Let them walk the journey with you. Listen to their guidance and do what they say.

If you are tired of wasting your life.  If you spilled your salad and you are sitting in it. Today is your day. Get up. Make a plan. Detox. Get Jesus. Confide in a friend. You were not mean to sit in salad. Your salad was meant to make a difference. So go make your mark on the world (not the kitchen floor.)

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