Napkins for Greatness

IMG_0963Who is the greatest influencer you know? Who has influenced your life greatly?

I recently purchased new napkins. Each napkin has a different thought provoking question. Yesterday, my husband and I were challenged by the napkin question, “Who would you switch with and why?” Rick dreamed about being a famous basketball player, not for the fame or the skill, but sheerly based on dollar income. I thought about being J.J. Watt. Think of all the people you could impact (and I don’t just mean physically)!

As we continued the conversation, we wondered, “Does this mean I get J. J.’s strength or strictly personality? Would I have to play the games to get the money?  What would it look like for my personality to be in J.J.’s body?”

We agreed no matter who or how we switched, we wanted to swap with someone of great influence. The greater the influence, the greater the impact. Rick settled on being the president and I contemplated being in charge of the Nations Education System. As we wrestled with this idea, I questioned, “Who do I know that is using their influence greatly?”

The new superintendent of our school district came to mind. He has listened, observed, strategized, and is leading our community in new innovative ways. He has a clearly stated vision, “Promise 2 Purpose,” and he is moving our district to fulfill the dream. He hasn’t wasted a single day. He is using his influence greatly.

As I crawled in bed last night, I asked myself, “Am I using what little influence I have in great ways?” We all have influence. People are around you everyday. How are you influencing their lives? In a great way?

Begin today being a great influencer. Think of 3 people you influence. Determine to impact their lives in a great way this week. Send an encouraging text, share a favorite book or podcast, ask about their life. Commit to influence those you love so when they ask the question, “Who would I switch with?” or “Who do I know that is using their influence greatly?” your name immediately pops in their minds.

I say we throw away the “swap” napkins. No more switching. Let’s just influence. Take what you have and what you know and make a difference. Don’t switch with someone of great influence instead BE a great influence.




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