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You playing this weekend?

super-bowl-falcons-patriotsWhat if you were playing in the Super Bowl in 3 days? What if scouts looked at your stats, watched your film, studied your life and asked you to play Sunday? After deliberate consideration and careful negotiations, you said, “YES!”

What kind of player would you be? How would you perform?

Would you surrender to the authority of your coach? If coach said, “Weights at 5am.” Would you be there each morning giving it your all? Would you study play film, eat healthy, and be willing to leave your family and friends for seasons of your life?

What about game time? When coach called your plays, would you leave everything you have on the field to bring glory to your team?

The world is watching this Sunday night. All eyes on two teams, battling for total victory. What will they see?

The world will see exactly what our lives portray daily. God chose you and me, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, to be on his team. The world is watching and what do they see?

  • A child of God loving people and serving others?
  • A player who listens intently to the voice of the coach, Jesus Christ, and follows his every move?
  • A team member giving his or her all to lead others to Jesus?

Or a fat, happy player sitting on the bench eating donuts? When coach calls his plays, he doesn’t recognize the voice, ignores the call, or opts out of the play?

The world is watching and most importantly, the world needs Jesus. If you are on his team, play the game! Go hard seeking him, loving him, listening and obeying his voice. He will do the rest.

If you’re on his team and you’re sitting on the bench. Stop! You are dead weight to the rest of the team who is trying to reach a lost world. Either get up and play or move on!

Personally, I don’t want to be on that field Sunday night, but where I do want to be is following Jesus daily, playing his game, his way. Don’t you?

John 10:25-30, Revelation 3:15, John 15:16, Ephesians 1:3-4

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