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You Have to Say This Word

coste-psicologico-nunca-decir-noSay it. Say it right now. You can do it! Ready? Say, “NO!” Say it again, “NO!” How does that feel? Look in the mirror and say it. Jump up and down or open a window and yell it! However you need to, say the word NO again and again.

Why? Because people, activities, beliefs, commercials, media, friends and family are telling us how to spend our lives. It is time for you to say no. Youtell your life how to be lived. You tell your time where to be spent. You tell your energy how to be released. You tell your resources where to be used.

I am reading a book called, essentialism The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, and I have discovered that not one other person was created to do what only I can do where I have been strategically placed on this earth. I don’t want to miss my assignment.

What about you? Do you know you are the only person who can do what only you can do? How do you do this thing you are created to do?

Know your purpose.    Eliminate the extra. Do the essentials.   Learn to say NO politely.

 I remember when our girls were little. They wanted to do it all – orchestra, soccer, choir, swim, DI, Girl Scouts, basketball, gymnastics, drama. You name it; they wanted to do it.

Finally my husband and I established the rule: you can do 1 thing at a time. This made no sense to the girls. There was crying and pouting and many discussions about the unfairness of the rule and our horrible parenting.

The girls, however, learned to weigh the pros and cons of opportunities. They discovered what they valued most. What they valued was a reflection of what was most important, where they were gifted, and their passions.

What if today someone said to you or your family, “You can only do 1 thing?” What’s your one thing?

I want to challenge you today to make a list of everything you are doing. Ask yourself, “Why?” Determine the one thing you were created to do. Eliminate the others by saying no politely.

Then one day when you stand before God you will be able to say what Jesus said to His Father,

I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do. John 17:4

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